Registration closes on 29th of March, 2020


Would you like to have a marketing team work on your online communication for three months… for FREE?

Turn on the caption!

For 3 lucky entrepreneurs!

You may convince us to choose you by answering 5 of our questions you receive via email!


Who do we recommend the programme to?

We primarily recommend the programme to small businesses and medium-sized enterprises, who lack the resources, or the technology, hence, have not gotten into online marketing just yet.

Will you really develop online marketing for those you choose, absolutely free of charge?


What will happen to those we choose?

1. Monthly meetings with the marketing team
2. Online consultations every two weeks
3. Continuous appearance in the communication and among the partners of
4. Complete planning and implementation of a marketing program, aimed at customer acquisition.

What do the participants really receive?

  • All-round logo and corporate-identity design (value: 100.000 HUF)

  • Creation of social media platforms of the company (Facebook, Instagram) (value: 20.000 HUF)

  • Website development (value: 200.000-350.000 HUF)

  • Search Engine Optimization, in a maximum of 3 topics (value: 50.000 HUF) 

  • New texts for said social media platforms every month (35.000 HUF/month – 3 months: 105.000 HUF)

  • New visual assets for said social media platforms every month (12.000 HUF/month – 3 months: 36.000 HUF)

  • Basic automated newsletter system (value: 50.000 HUF)

  • Creating a Youtube channel (value: 10.000 HUF)

  • Recording and processing of footage, with 1 day of recording every month (80.000 Ft/month – 3 months 240.000 HUF)

  • Creating a podcast channel (value: 10.000 HUF)

  • Creating content for said podcast channel, once a month (20.000 HUF/month – 3 months: 60.000 HUF)

  • Creating a campaign in Google Ads, twice a month (15.000 HUF/month – 3 months: 45.000 HUF)


The total cost of the programme: 926.000 Ft

Be open, and supportive. Let us tell stories about working with you, and your company.

What do we expect in exchange?


The programme suits you if:
- You believe in your product, or services
- You would like to have more customers
- You are satisfied only when your customers are satisfied
- You are committed to development and learning
- Your product and/or services are special
- You are willing to show yourself, your face to the world
- You would like to see the development of your company in the long run as well
-You are maximally capable of supporting the team, in order to get the most out of our cooperative work.

The programme does not suit you if:
- You’re looking for a quick, easy buck
- Your product or services may be harmful, and/or hasn’t reached a developed state yet.
- You don’t have enough income to spend ~$60 on marketing monthly.
- You think you won’t have to deal with marketing
- You aren’t willing to show yourself
- You don’t have time for meetings with the team
- You have never used any social media
- You can’t respond to a simple email